What if your discontent and longing is a call from the Universe to pursue your greatest purpose?

And what if that call and purpose is just not going to let you ignore it, so much so that it will start to speak to you through your health and wellbeing just to get you to wake up and and pay attention to the greater life and purpose it wants you to have?

Are you waking up every morning trying to be grateful for a situation you don’t really like, because you don’t know what else to do or how to do it? I’ve done this and it really depleted me, so now I’m passionate about coaching you and others to define and fulfill your heart’s desires, so you can live lives of Joy.

The truth is, if you are feeling restless or discontent, most likely, you are not living your dreams.

What if, instead of pushing them down and away, you started watching for, noticing, and listening to your discontent, because it is your most valuable guide to finding and fulfilling your truest desires and life’s purpose? 

What are your dreams, what would you Love?

When you start to really pay attention to your longing and discontent, you also need to be aware what others around you say, and not let them criticize and dissuade you back into just trying to shut down your discontent and ignore your dreams. Allow the voice of the Infinite calling you to be louder than anyone else’s. You are not here to settle for less than your purpose…none of us are!

But so many of us try so hard over and over again to settle for what others decide our limits are, rather than following the inner guidance of Infinite wisdom to something so much greater!

Dreams and desires pull, and tug at us and just won’t  leave our hearts alone because we are not meant to live constricted lives.

And when you start to explore those dreams and desires you will know the ones that are for you when just talking about them lights you up and you feel constriction dissolving into wonderful expansion and vitality.

Imagine waking up that way every morning and being on a kind of life Joyride to your dreams, even if you don’t know now how you will get there!

You can harness that positive, expansive energy to continue to define and build your joy filled life.

And…it all starts with honoring your discontent and letting it be your guide to your greatest good and purpose. If you would like to explore this more with me, you can schedule a call with me at calendly.com/dreamitanyway.

To Your Dreams!