Tools can be so useful for dealing with the spiritual, the unseen which is strongly experienced and felt. Traditionally rituals and sacraments are spiritual tools involved in ceremonies. They don’t, however, have to be that formal, and can become actions we create to aid our daily welfare. 


While Webster defines rituals as an act or series of acts regularly repeated in a set precise manner, sacraments are outward and visible signs of an inward spiritual grace. So many times, rituals and sacraments involve cleansing. We cleanse ourselves of resentment, thoughts and feelings of lack, believing we aren’t enough…well, it goes on and on.


Often though, I just find it so hard to only THINK my way through to forgiveness, gratitude, feelings of abundance and love. So hard to get out of  my head and into my heart too. I often need outward and visible, tangible things. I need some kind of visible manifestation of what I’m doing in the invisible world.


BRING ON THE TOOLS!! Today I have a new ritual planned for me and my veterinary team. Every time I lint roll that hair off my scrub top, I’m going to imagine rolling away all the rudeness, unskilled behavior of others, my unskilled behavior and self judgment, feelings of lack and inadequacy, and anything else I just need to get rid of… I mean, please…..GET IT OFF ME! It’s all going to be lint rolled away.


I even brought a whisk broom into the clinic this morning, because I knew a challenging client had been in. I didn’t want to get wrapped up in anyone’s negativity or judgment on either side. So I came in and went up to the upset team members, who probably wondered…what the heck?!…and brushed their shoulders with the little broom.


I said to them, in a caring way, “Here, let me get it off you. I’m whisking it away now. There, it’s gone.” 


Well, they loved it and it really did help. So, my friends…JUST ROLL WITH IT! And when it’s really hard, initiate the outward and visible sign of inward grace…when you’re removing the hair, remember to lint roll your soul.