Amanda Oden’s


Secret Of Enhanced Manifesting



MAKING  “Your Adorning…The Hidden Person Of The Heart” (1 Peter 3:3)

TAILORING Your Aura To Attract What You Would Love, and

WEAR ING the Energy that is a vibrational match for the life of your dreams.

Do you find the Law of Attraction puzzling and wonder how it really works? Have you seen others use it to get amazing results in their lives, and questioned if those come from a coincidence instead of a real principle and skill? Do you wish The Law Of Attraction were true, but don’t really understand how it works, so you just dismiss it and lose out big time, without even knowing you are losing out?

Then YOUR MISSION, should you choose to accept it, is to discover in just 12 short weeks, your power to use the Art and Science of Energy and Vibration, to attract and create the amazing results you dream of. 


1. Opening Celebration! The Transformed Sewing Circle

From Stitch and Bitch to Support, Mirror and Amplify, you will be in a safe space to fail forward and give and receive the support to be powerful and successful.

2. Mindset: What to Toss, What to Mend

You will examine and begin to shed any fixed mindsets of shame, feelings of lack, and isolation. You will write new narratives about yourself and your life story, and move into self leadership and an empowering growth mindset.

3. Closets

You will learn how to make room for and not only be ready to receive what you attract, but to keep it as well.


4. Inside Out 

You will begin to experience the part of yourself connected to The Infinite that is always greater than any outside causes or conditions in your life.

5. Imagination and Intuition

You will learn to use your imagination and intuition in the most constructive ways.

6. The Cloth

You will begin to use the Science of manifesting and the one material everything is made of for your own creations.

7. The Thread: Strings, Particles and Waves

You will become even more skilled in making the Physics behind the Law of Attraction work for you.

8. Draw Your Unique EnergyCouture Pattern

You will begin practicing the ART of manifestation, gaining clarity about what you would love, and creating your unique signature EnergyCouture Design.

Making It Real

9. First Fitting

You will try on and explore how your new energy feels and notice the gaps between your current circumstances and conditions and what you would love.

10. Tailoring

You will make adjustments to strengthen your energy and vibration.

11. Wearing It

You will learn how, when and where to wear your Couture so that your transformation begins to happen.

12. EnergyCouture Runway Show!!! and Closing Celebration

Share your epiphanies, breakthroughs, transformations and dreams come true with those in your transformed sewing circle, and celebrate other’s wins.

Applications Are Open


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