About Amanda

“There’s something inside you – inside all of us – that’s connected to something great in the universe…”

You can learn to co-create your life from that deep connection –

rather than from all those outside demands.

How I Got Here As A Transformation Coach

Amanda Oden

How I got here as a transformation coach is the reason I know I can help you. It’s the same way I helped myself!

Because of my life story so far, my focus is on empowering other women, no matter what age or stage, to learn the principles of transformation and also find their unique life paths to their highest potentials and self actualization. I am especially passionate about guiding people to transform what seems to be a dark past into their greatest gift and offering. Raised in the 1960s as a Birmingham Alabama debutante during the Civil Rights era, amongst a host of marginalized, yet beloved, strong and inspiring women, I found my very unique pathway through education, therapy and recovery programs to become a small animal veterinarian in Boston. Therefore, my yet to be written autobiography is entitled, Wearing Gloves: From Southern Debutante To New England Veterinarian. As the title indicates, this book will clearly demonstrate that feminine pathways of self actualization, which can often feel and appear nonexistent to labyrinthian, might simply have untraditional timing and a non linear way. As a veterinarian, I then found a pathway accommodating motherhood, marriage and career, launching my own veterinary house call practice, Hearthside Veterinary House Calls in Andover Massachusetts. For over 30 years, I had the privilege of guiding companion animal families along the pathways of annual wellness care, illness recovery, palliative care, hospice and the decisions and grief of compassionate endings for their beloved dogs and cats. 

 Ever since I’m Okay, You’re Okay was published, I have been an incurable self development junkie skipping out on vet school as often as possible during the 1980s to go to meetings and weekend seminars with adult children of alcoholics pioneers Claudia Black, Rockelle Learner and Janet Woititz. I”ve trained as a coach with Dr. Claire Zammit, and Mary Morrissey. In addition to practicing veterinary medicine, I  now teach the universal principles of transformation with certifications in Life Mastery Consulting,  The Foundational Principles of Women’s Empowerment Coaching, and Integrative Behavioral Health.  I have spoken as a coach at the American Veterinary Medical Association National Convention, International Association of Animal Hospice and Palliative Care Annual conferences and the Heartland Veterinary Partners Leadership Summit. I hope you’ll join me at my next free workshop. Just save your seat below, and I’ll see you there!