My Dog Myself: One Health

7 Ways To Stay Healthy With Your Dog

1. Get Your Prances In

Walk or jog with your dog every day. It’s good for your dog for the same reasons it’s healthy for you. Heart health, joint health, muscle health, calories burned, fresh air are among the benefits to you both. And of course, there is one major difference, so don’t forget those little bags!

2. Take Your Fatty Acid Supplements Together

Fatty acids are just as good for heart, skin, hair and joint health in your canine companion as they are for you. Get that bottle out of the fridge that you bought, but then forgot about and give one to yourself and one to your dog. Of course, be sure to check with your doctors about the best kinds and amounts.

And Don’t Forget Your Daily Meds

Hey if you are on medication and your dog is too, slug them down at the same time. You might even try some peanut butter or cheese with yours.

3. Chow Down In The AM

When you pour that breakfast bowl or open that can for Fluffy, be sure to feed yourself too. Give yourself the time for breakfast, even if you scarf it up as fast as your dog does. And while you’re at it:

Eat Healthy Portions And Don’t Graze

Know how many calories and portion sizes are best for your dog and for you. Follow them together and don’t leave the food out all day. Have designated times together, and then it’s over.

4. Try To Be As Spiritually Mature As Your Dog (well, you can at least try!)

Live in the Moment

Most canines are born with this blessing. They don’t reflect too much on the past or the future or do a lot of self reflective brooding while lounging around. If only we could all be more like them.,

Forgive and Forget

Similar to the above suggestion, forgive readily and move on. It doesn’t mean you are saying what that person did was okay or acceptable or that you’ll allow them to do it again or even be close to you. But why pull down your own vibe because of them? Resentment blocks you off from the sunlight of spirit. Your dog doesn’t eat poison and expect the person they are mad at to die, so why should you? Who is more intelligent here??

Love Unconditionally

Amazing how dogs do this isn’t it?! Just follow their example as best you can.

Always Be Grateful

Not just for the things you have, but just for being alive and being given another day. No one can buy a day!

5. Brush and Floss

Seriously! When it comes to dental hygiene, dogs and people are the same. Except doggies don’t have thumbs and won’t sit in a chair quietly for a dental cleaning twice a year. So brush and floss their teeth when you do yours. Many dogs will actually let you do this! But if not, why not give them a dental chew while you floss.

6. Share Chores

Many dogs are originally bred to work and can readily get bored and moody as couch potatoes. When you do your chores, train them to help. The British dog trainer Barbara Woodhouse taught her dogs to vacuum and make up the beds. Wow. Dogs used to get the morning paper from the yard, well, those days are mostly over. But how about retreiving your phone when it rings, turning the lights on and off, carrying the laundry. Well, use your imagination and have fun, then please post, I want to see this!!

7. Make Your Daily Water Goal Together

Every time you fill up your dog’s water bowl, and they should always have unrestricted fresh water available, fill up your water bottle for the day. Every time they lap it up and drool it all over the kitchen floor, make sure you’re drinking yours too. Dogs are really good at this and can be a great reminder to make your water mark for the day.

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